Welcome to the Computer Science Department web site of the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology University of Piraeus. Our website provides information on research, academic, teaching and administrative structures and activities of our Department, thus highlighting their contribution in Greece and abroad.

Information technology is an exciting science that is constantly evolving and always has a great need for further academic research and demand in the labor market with an upward trend. Not the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, is a department with a strong position in the Greek and international scientific events. The Department of Information Technology operating since 1991 and is one of the oldest IT Departments in Greece.

The Department of Information Technology operates the undergraduate curriculum with 3 directions, and two Postgraduate Programs (masters), which are upgraded periodically to reflect current developments in computer science. One master degree is titled "Advanced Information Systems" and provides highly skilled in Informatics in 6 directions. The program is aimed at graduates department. The other master degree entitled "Information Technology" and provides high knowledge and specialization in Informatics for graduates of other disciplines but wish to gain deep knowledge and high specialization in Informatics. In addition, the IT Department enables remote monitoring conducted seminars in many current issues of IT aimed at the general public. The seminars take place in a e-learning program.

The Department of Information conducted excellent research, documented in a large number of publications in international journals and conferences prestige. The Department has repeatedly distinguished internationally for research conducted with awards "best work" in international conferences and journals. It also organizes a large number of prestigious international conferences with the participation of leading scientists and scientific organizations abroad, which preside Professors of the department. The last five years have been organized about 30 such conferences. In this way, the IT Department contributed greatly to the international scientific visibility of Piraeus University and the entire country.

Many professors of the Computer Science Department shall act as Head Curator (Editor-in-Chief) or State Council Clerks (Editorial Board Member) important international scientific journals and thus contribute to the shaping of developments in Science and Technology Information Technology globally.

The graduates (undergraduate and postgraduate study programs) have high absorbency in the labor market in Greece and abroad, as evidenced by the statistics keeps the University of Piraeus Liaison Office. Still, many of the graduates have excelled in Greek and abroad in the fields of Information technology.

All previously recognized as achievements of the IT Department by the external evaluators. Indeed, the IT Department has completed the external assessment procedure by a committee composed by leading professors abroad, with the committee chairman Professor Demetri Terzopoulo, University of California, Los Angeles. In the report of the external evaluation recognized the high level of provided undergraduate and graduate education and the significant involvement of the IT Department in the international research scene.

For example, it states that certain research activities of the Department have prominent visibility (visibility) nationally and internationally, that "the depth and breadth of the doctoral activity was found to be impressive," that "the curriculum of postgraduate programs of the Department of Informatics is very well defined and the results show that accomplished excellent work "that" research guided by faculty members and often performed by graduate students of very high quality (based on Greek and international standards). "

Another important international recognition of the IT Department is reflected in academic search appliance results Microsoft Academic Search  that has created the familiar Microsoft company. According to the tool, University Piraeus ranks in the top 100 in the world, in position 73, for the area of ​​Information Technology Computer Education, among 4333 other universities and organizations worldwide. The same appliance ranks the leading scientists of this region and other regions, members of the Department of Information among tens of thousands of scientists worldwide.

Recently, on April 29, 2014, the Department had us another great honor, with the ceremony an honorary doctorate, Professor of Informatics, Prof. Joseph Sifakis, who is the only Greek and one of the few European scientists received the Turing Award, considered equivalent to the Nobel for Informatics. We were fortunate to welcome him and to our academic community.

The Department of Computer Science, all trying to perform their duties in the best possible way having appetite and enthusiasm for their work. I hope you find the information you need on our website and we are willing to have email and telephone contact for any issue related to the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus.


With kind regards,

Professor Maria Virvou

Head of Department of Informatics


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